Aconcagua Expedition

Join Alpine Guides on Aconcagua. At 6,960 metres Aconcagua is the highest peak in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres.

While probably the most technically straight-forward of the Seven Summits, Aconcagua is a challenge to the strongest mountaineer's fitness and stamina.

Aconcagua Ex-Mendoza, Argentina |  February 2018

Expedition dates - to be advised

Our expedition begins and ends in the beautiful city of Mendoza, Argentina.

The approach to the peak is done a conservative pace, with multiple forays to higher altitudes. This gives time for most people to acclimate, and prepare for a summit bid - with multiple summit day opportunities.

Our exit route traverses the peak (up and over), allowing for a quicker exit to Mendoza using the Horcones Valley.

Alpine Guides and Grajales Expeditions

As well as one or 2 AGL guides in your party, we are fully supported by local guiding operator Grajales Expeditions. Grajales Expeditions has been leading and supporting Aconcagua missions since 1976.