Glacier Experience Course

The Glacier Experience Course is Alpine Guides' late summer training program. The 5 day mountaineering trip provides an in-depth introduction to glacier travel, route-finding, and crevasse rescue techniques - finishing with a peak.

An Introduction to Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue

The Glacier Experience Course provides an intense introduction (or refresher) for climbers venturing into serious glaciated alpine terrain.

You need a good level of fitness, and some experience with rope management - either through rock climbing, abseiling, caving, or canyoning - as some of the rope systems are complex. Participants should also have basic crampon and ice axe skills.

Glacier training and a peak to finish

The course is either based from a hut at the head of the Tasman Glacier, or the Grand Plateau on the Mount Cook massif. This is New Zealand's most heavily glaciated region and prefect training venues for practicing your skills, and bagging a peak to finish.

Although "climbing" is not the focus of the course, we won't turn down the opportunity to get up a peak or have a crack at ice climbing on the icefall seracs. The course will finish with a climb of Hochstetter Dome (2,827 metres) or Anzac Peaks (2,528 metres).

The course cost includes flights in and out of the mountains.

The Glacier Experience Course is ideal for:
  • Climbers requiring a refresher in modern glacier technique
  • Alpinists who need training for glaciated terrain
  • General mountaineering and alpine travel, anywhere in the world

Instruction topics include:

  • Glacier travel and modern rope systems
  • Crevasse rescue systems, including self rescue
  • Route finding and safe travel
  • Emergency shelters
  • Mountain navigation, weather and forecasting

Experience required:

  • Good level of fitness
  • Basic rope skills (e.g. rock climbing, caving, abseiling)
  • Previous basic crampon/ice axe experience