Mt Aspiring. Photo by Jamie Robertson

Mount Aspiring Expedition

Alpine Guides 5-day Mt Aspiring guided mountaineering expedition can be attempted by climbers with basic experience, via the North West Ridge (normal route). The classic SW Ridge offers a challenge for the more experienced.

Mt Aspiring | Matterhorn of the Southern Alps

Mt Aspiring is 180 kms south west of Aoraki/Mount Cook, in Mount Aspiring National Park. It is the highest peak in the region, rising 2,500 metres from the Matukituki Valley floor.

Climbing Routes and Guide Ratios

For Mount Aspiring Alpine Guides offers 1:1 and 1:2 ratio guided climbing options -and at least 2 route options.

Aspirinh summit. Photo by Anton Wopereis.

Route 1: The North West Ridge

This is the standard (normal) route. The climb takes 10 to 12 hours return from Colin Todd Hut (1,800 metres). The route includes glacier travel, pitched climbing, and a 1,220 metre vertical ascent. See route map ›

Experience Required

Experience Required | 1:2 Ratio package, NW Ridge

  • Extensive previous alpine climbing experience
  • Participants must have climbed together
  • Compatible skill level
SW ridge of Aspiring. Photo by Jamie Robertson

Route 2: South West Ridge

A bivouac is normally required the night before the climb. The descent route is usually by the NW Ridge to Colin Todd Hut. Total time: approximately 12-14 hours. See route map ›

Experience required

Why 5 days? Why a 1:1 Ratio?

Read the NZ Expedition FAQ ›

AGL Skill Check | NW Ridge



Mount Aspiring 3,027 Metres

Season: Summer (October - April)

Trip Type: NZ Expedition

Length: 5 days


Prices| North West Ridge Route

Guide/Participant Ratio: 1:1, or 1:2

Price | South West Ridge Route

Guide/Participant Ratio: 1:1 only

NZ$4,350 per person

Cost Includes:

  • Guiding fees
  • All meals and snacks
  • Accommodation and hut fees
  • Helicopter access to Bevan Col
  • Free use of a range of technical gear

Scheduling and Booking

  • Each expedition start date is privately arranged - to suit your travel plans
  • Dates are subject to guide availability
  • Advance bookings are absolutely essential