Summit of Asoraki Mount Cookk. Photo by Trevor Streat.

New Zealand Mountaineering Expeditions

Alpine Guides Expeditions are climbing packages for NZ's most notable peaks: including Aoraki/Mount Cook, Mount Tasman, and Mount Aspiring.

The packages are for a set number of days. The duration takes into account the length, difficulty, access and egress, changing weather and route conditions.

Aoraki/Mount Cook - 6 days ›

New Zealand's highest peak is a long, physically demanding climb of moderate technical difficulty by the standard route.

Malte Brun Expedition - 6 days ›

The highest peak in the Malte Brun range, and one of NZ's classic alpine rock summits.

Mount Aspiring - 5 days ›

The "Matterhorn of the Southern Alps", is the highest peak in NZ, outside the Mount Cook region.

Mount Tasman - 6 days ›

NZ's second highest mountain presents a beautiful wind-carved ice summit. Mt Tasman is a serious and committing climb for the fit and experienced alpinist.

NZ Summer "Expeditions"

These are not "expeditions" in the Himalayan sense (with porters and fixed ropes), all climbing is Alpine Style.

All-inclusive Packages

The expedition trip fee includes:

  • Air access costs
  • All meals and snacks
  • Free use of a range of technical gear

You can choose to walk out, or fly out at the end of the trip.

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