Mount Tasman and North Shoulder Route, viewed from Lendenfeld peak. Photo by Dave Sproule.

Mount Tasman Expedition | 3,497 metres

Alpine Guides Mount Tasman guided climb is a 6 day expedition on to New Zealand's second highest peak. Mt Tasman is a serious ascent for experienced mountaineers. Every ridge to Mount Tasman's summit requires excellent technique, concentration and commitment.

Rarakiora - "Long Unbroken Line"

Mount Tasman sits alongside Mount Cook, on the Main Divide. Sculpted by the weather of the Southern Alps, Mount Tasman's summit is a beautiful and sinuous peak - an ice climber’s dream.

All guided routes are snow and ice, featuring steep faces and exposed airy ridges. Rarakiora translates from Maori into "long unbroken line".

Above Lendenfeld Saddle. Photo by Brad Jackson.

Guided Routes | Mt Tasman

We guide at least 2 routes on Mount Tasman. Route choice depends on conditions, and your mountaineering experience.

Route 1: North Shoulder ›

Most commonly guided. Based from Pioneer Hut at the head of the Fox Glacier.

Route 2: Via Silberhorn ›

Early season only. Based from Plateau Hut, on the Grand Plateau.

On North Shoulder. Photo by Brad Jackson

Experience required:

  • High level of aerobic fitness
  • Previous high alpine climbing experience on moderate/technical terrain
  • Experience climbing with 2 tools on 50° to 55° snow and ice

Why 6 days? Why fly in? See the NZ Expedition FAQ ›

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Season: Summer (mid-October to April)

Trip Type: NZ Expedition

Length: 6 days

Guide/Participant Ratio: strictly 1:1


Price NZ$5,250 per person

Cost Includes:

  • Guiding fees
  • All meals and snacks
  • Accommodation and hut fees
  • Air access to Grand Plateau/Pioneer
  • Free use of a range of technical gear

Scheduling and Booking

  • Each expedition start date is privately arranged - to suit your travel plans
  • Dates are subject to guide availability
  • Advance bookings are absolutely essential.