TMC Tune-up

The TMC Tune-up is an optional one and a half day clinic designed to get you ready for the Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC). A Tune-up course runs before every TMC.

The Tune-up ensures everyone on the TMC meets a basic standard of rope and rock climbing skills.

Should You Take the TMC Tune-up?

If you rock climb regularly, you do not need to do a Tune-up.

If your rope skills are rusty - or if you meet (or exceed) the other TMC prerequisites, but have little roped climbing experience, you need to do this course.

Based close to Mount Cook Village we climb at Sebastopol Bluffs (our local multi-pitch crag), or at Twizel Climbing wall. Transport is provided whenever needed.

Booking a TMC Tune-up

Select the Tune-up option when you book online for a TMC. If filling in a booking form by hand, please make a note in the "Programs Applied For" box.

Instruction topics include:

  • Rope basics: rope construction, how to handle, coil, and look after your rope
  • Harnesses and safety
  • Knot refresher
  • Rock climbing (up to AU grade 15)
  • Abseiling
  • Runners & protection

Equipment Required: