Kiwi Wilderness Course

This is Alpine Guides 'bushcraft' and tramping course - all about making good choices and being prepared for independent backcountry travel.

The course is ideal for visitors to NZ who want to go beyond the Great Walks. On top of the fantastic scenery, 'occasional’ trampers (hikers / bushwalkers) and up-and-coming hunters will reinforce bush lore, navigation and river crossing skills. 

Course Goals - preparation and making the Right Decisions

The Kiwi Wilderness course is for fit hikers, trampers, or hunters who want a realistic outdoor experience that will prepare them to go independently into the backcountry. This course will help you stay safe in the great New Zealand outdoors.

You will learn basic survival skills, develop confidence to explore independently, and how to plan and achieve your own multi-day backcountry trips. You will do this on a journey in the field, in remote bush and sub-alpine country with an NZMGA qualified guide. 

Wilderness Course Locations

Our courses run in the central South Island in fantastically rugged places around the Mt Cook / Mackenzie Region.  We have an excellent network of less visited tracks, passes, and remote huts to sharpen your bush craft. 

Venues include:
  • The Temple Valleys
  • The Hopkins, Huxley, or Dobson River valleys
  • Freehold Creek with up-and-over options into the Maitland or Ahuriri valley
  • Ahuriri Valley

Instruction topics include:

  • Trip planning and preparation
  • Equipment choices
  • Movement skills across different terrain - including river crossings
  • Emergency shelters
  • Map reading and navigation
  • New Zealand weather

Experience required:

  • Robust level of fitness
  • Trekking/tramping/hunting experience is ideal
  • Mountaineering experience not required