The Pre-Inca Apacheta Trail

Discover Bolivia's Pre-Inca Apacheta trail ("El Choro") with Alpine Guides. Located in the heart of the Andes mountains, this old commercial road is surrounded by 5,000 metre + peaks.

Experience high altitude trekking on this 16-day expedition, while enjoying an ever changing scenery that will take you on a journey back through time.
Ideal for people who enjoy multi-day tramping and "bush walking".

The Pre-Inca Apacheta Trail, Ex-La Paz, Bolivia

2019 dates:
Trip 1:  04-19 June 2019
Trip 2: 03-18 August 2019
2020 dates:
Trip 1: 25 June to 10 July 2020
Trip 2: 06 to 21 of August 2020

Our expedition begins and ends in the beautiful capital city of La Paz in Bolivia.

The trip will first take you to nearby Lake Titicaca where guests will discover some of the local treasures, allowing you to slowly acclimatise to the high altitude (roughly 4,000 m). You will then slowly climb up through the Condoriri Valley where you will be surrounded by 5,000 m + peaks.

This trekking expedition follows the Pre-Inca commercial road “El Choro”, used once upon a time to link the high mountains of the Andes to the Amazonian forest. The path is peppered with “Apachetas”; sacred stone cairns used as an offering to the Gods by the indigenous people for safe passage on the trail. You will also experience a variety of micro climates, from high alpine to rainforest, as you gradually descent approximately 3,500 vertical meters.

Alpine Guides and Bolivia Expe

As well as one or two AGL guides in your party, we are fully supported by local guiding operator Bolivia Expe. Bolivia Expe is a leader in supporting international mountaineering trips in Bolivia.