Environmental Care and Conservation

Alpine Guides works closely with NZ's Department Of Conservation to ensure we minimise the impact of our activities on the mountain environment. We are privileged to operate within world heritage areas. We work hard to maintain our concessions with the Department which allow us to operate in specific national park areas. 

On your mountain trip you will be living in a beautiful and delicate environment. Please join us in endorsing the philosophy of, “take only photographs, leave only footprints”. 

Kea Conservation Trust

The Kea (Nestor notabilis) is a true alpine parrot, endemic to the Southern Alps of New Zealand. These amazing and intelligent birds are sadly (like so much else) endangered. We are proud to sponsor the Kea Conservation Trust.

Please visit the Trust's website to learn about current research projects, and how to support them.

NZ Environmental and Water Care Code with DOC

As part of our concession agreements with DOC (and as good citizens of the mountains) we try to minimise our impact on the land and water, and respect cultural heritage.

Read more on DOC's website about our obligations with their 'Activity Minimal Impact Codes'.

Waste, reduction, removal and recycling

We carry out all waste material from our trips. Whenever camping or bivying is required you will be provided with a special container - for your own 'waste'.

Plastics, glass, aluminium, tin, cardboard, and paper products are collected in Mt Cook village for recycling.

There is very little food wastage. We buy in fresh produce for each trip, and have a bulk store.

Aircraft Use for Guided Mountaineering

Unfortunately the Southern Alps has few areas that are easily accessible on foot. There is limited road penetration and no cable cars.

Light aircraft are commonly used to access Mt Cook, Westland and Mt Aspiring mountain hut venues. This is due to the length of approaches, and to make best use of fine weather.

When possible we share aircraft with other parties - to reduce costs and the number of flights required.

Nearly all of our mountain trips include the option to walk out of the mountains, but this may not always be possible.