FAQ - Aircraft Use

In the remote mountains of New Zealand there are no cable cars or roads to high elevations provide easy access to the mountains. Walking into many mountain venues can use up to 2 days of your trip.

To make best use of your time many Alpine Guides trips use aircraft access. Most of our trips 4 days or longer will include the cost of air access. When you arrive the scale and nature of the terrain will make the logic for flying obvious.

Flying out is included in the price of some, but not all of our trips. Please check the details for your program.

Walking out from your mountain venue may be possible, but flying out is by far the more popular choice. Walking out may be beyond your fitness, especially at the end of a long trip. Conditions and weather may dictate that a flight out is the safer choice.


Why the flight out is not included in all trips?

Building in the cost to cover all possible scenarios would result in increasing base trip prices. It also lets people who want to, and are fit enough, to walk out.

Do I have to arrange a flight out in advance?

No. During your trip your guide will call AGL base to arrange this. Our base staff work to provide the best price available on the day of your flight out - where possible combining flights with other users to reduce costs.

Combining with other parties

Combining with other parties flying in, or flying out can reduce the relative costs per-person.

During summer we often combine with other climbing parties. During winter we work in with our Ski The Tasman and Wilderness Heliskiing operations. This provides cost-effective flight options for our clients.

Why is the cost quoted as a range?

It is not possible to give a fixed price in advance due to the number of variables involved. These variables include:

  • Number of people in your party
  • Size and type of of aircraft required - this is dictated by landing conditions, party size, and weather on the day
  • Availability of other parties to share flights (other AGL, or recreational parties)
  • Number of people in other parties

Each trip's detailed information provides a range of possible costs.