Local Heroes

Climb the peaks close to Mt Cook Village with Alpine Guides' "Local Heroes" guided mountaineering package. Little or no climbing experience is required. Come on your own, or bring a friend and spend 5 days reaching new heights in New Zealand's best alpine playground...

Big peaks for a limited time investment

Local Heroes is a 5 or 6 day guiding package, with several mountain objectives, for one or 2 participants per guide.

A range of technical difficulties provide challenges for beginner, through to intermediate level mountaineers.

Peaks Can Include:

  • Mount Sealy 2,627 metres

  • The Footstool 2,764 metres

  • Mount Wakefield (via 'guides' route) 2,058 metres

  • The Nuns Veil 2,749 metres

  • Mount Edgar Thompson 2,379 metres

Guilt free, walk-in and out package

With all mountain travel on foot the trip cost is kept to a minimum - plus there's no guilt about generating unnecessary CO2 - just what you exhale!

Local Heroes Highlights

  • No long distance travel involved

  • No technical climbing experience needed

  • Great if you have limited time available for climbing

  • Flexible objectives mean we can work around weather and conditions

Experience required:

  • High level of fitness

  • Trekking/tramping experience