Private Guiding | Short Trips 1-4 days long

There are many short-duration mountaineering and ski touring trips possible in the Mount Cook and Mackenzie Region.

Alpine Guides can arrange a mission at reasonably short notice - ranging from a scenic scramble, a challenging snow and ice ascent, or a multi-day ski tour. We will consider current mountain conditions as well as your experience.

Objectives for short trips

Whether you are an experienced mountaineer, a fit hiker, or an experienced ski mountaineer we can tailor a trip to meet (or challenge) your mountain background. See the detailed notes for some possible options on offer.

When contacting us please let us know:
  • How much time you have available - and approximate dates

  • What you would like to achieve

  • Your relevant experience

Summer: Late-October thru April

Summer is the best time for climbing and scrambling in the region. We will consider route conditions when advising on trip options.

Winter: July thru early October

This is the best time for ice climbing (July and August) and ski touring (July to mid-October). We recommend 2 to 3 days at least for an ice experience, and at least a 2-3 of days for ski touring, unless you are happy to use aircraft to quickly and easily access the mountains for.

How to book a Private Guiding trip

We welcome advance enquiries. However, because short trips can run the risk of being affected by poor weather we do not offer advance bookings for Private Guiding.

All trips must be confirmed and paid for within 7 days of the start date. This gives confidence with upcoming weather, current conditions, and guide availability.

Experience required:

No previous mountaineering experience is required. We will help select a trip based on the time you have available, snow/route conditions, and your experience and fitness.

Basic experience needed:

  • Good to very high level of aerobic fitness

  • Trekking/tramping or strong skiing/snowboarding ability