FAQ - Choosing the Right Course

Alpine Guides' climbing instruction courses allow for entry at any level - so long as you meet the prerequisites. You do not need to do one course to 'qualify' for the next 'level' if you have the right experience.

When choosing a course, the first step is always to ask  yourself "what do I want to achieve?".  For example, some courses do not necessarily involve climbing in glaciated terrain, so glacier travel and crevasse rescue may not be taught. Most courses only run at the time of year suitable for the type of instruction. 

How to read the chart

  1. Check where sit with your "prior experience" on the top half
  2. Find the course that fits with your skills on the lower part of the chart

Private Instruction and Ascents Programs can be run at any level. 

Between all courses there are necessary overlaps of instruction topics and some revision. This ensures the required level of competence is met.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Course Progression Chart