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Private Guiding | 1 to 4 day Packages

Numerous shorter mountaineering and ski touring objectives are possible in the Mount Cook and Mackenzie Region. This package allows us to tailor-make a trip that doesn't fit any of our existing programs, up to  4-days long. 
Trips can range from a scenic scramble, a challenging snow and ice ascent, or a multi-day ski tour. We will consider the current mountain conditions (if booking at short-notice) as well as your experience, when putting together a proposal.

Private Guiding prices covers the cost of your guide, meals, technical gear, national park fees, and accommodation if longer than one day. If aircraft are required to get you to and from your venue, this is an extra cost.

Designing Your Trip

Whether you are an experienced mountaineer, a fit hiker, or a ski tourer/split-boarder we can tailor a trip to meet (or challenge) your mountain background. Contact us and give us some background on what you hope to achieve.

Please let us know:
  1. How much time you have available - and approximate dates

  2. What you would like to achieve

  3. Your relevant experience

We can advise on the suitability of a trip based on the time you have available, snow/route conditions, your experience, and what we know fo your fitness.

Price and Inclusions

The price includes:
  • Guide and national park fees

  • All meals (including snacks and energy bars)

  • Hut fees/ local accommodation, as required

  • Bivouac/camping gear, as required

  • Free use of a range of technical equipment

Does not include:
  • Aircraft costs (if required)

  • Accommodation on single-day trips

Summer vs Winter Seasonality

Summer late October through April

This is the best time for alpine mountaineering, rock climbing and scrambling in the region. We will consider route conditions when advising on trip options.

Winter: July thru early October

This is the best time for ice climbing (July and August) and ski touring (July to mid-October). We normally recommend 2 to 3 days at least for an ice climbing trip, and at least 3 days for ski touring - unless you are happy to use aircraft to quickly and easily access the mountains.

Trip Structure

Your Private Guiding program will normally start in Mount Cook Village. Once you meet your guide and refine objectives, your equipment and gear will be organised.

For trips that require a bivouac, Alpine Guides will supply a tent or bivvy bag, as well as all bivvy equipment (stoves, utensils, etc.). Bringing your own drinking mug is recommended.

Flexibility to Move

If weather conditions do not allow us to tackle your trip of choice we will devise another suitable trip that will fit your time available and experience.

Aircraft Access

Some ski touring and climbing objectives can be greatly enhanced by aircraft access - reducing heavy load carrying, and quickly accessing your objectives. Aircraft use could save you a day or more from your trip duration - for example, climbing Nuns Veil, accessing Barron Saddle Hut, or ski touring at Twin Streams.

If used, all aircraft costs are in additional to the trip fees. We will advise on likely costs based on your specific trip, and the number of people involved.

Weather Contingency and Special Booking Conditions

New Zealand mountain weather is unpredictable and may potentially play havoc with short trips. The following special conditions apply to all Private Guiding bookings, to help increase the chance of a successful outcome, and attempt to provide some flexibility.

If weather will severely affect your trip plans:

  • For 1 or 2-day trips - We will roll the start to the following day (only if your guide is available) or cancel and refund you 80% of your fees. During peak times guides are heavily booked, possibly with little flexibility. The option to roll the start back is not guaranteed.

  • For 3 or 4-day trips - A guaranteed one day weather-contingency is given to roll your trip back a day, if weather dictates. We reserve the right to modify trip objectives and itineraries to best work around prevailing weather and snow conditions.