Mount Tasman | 3,497 metres

Alpine Guides Mount Tasman guided climb is a 6 day expedition on to New Zealand's second highest peak. Mt Tasman is a serious ascent for experienced mountaineers. Every ridge to Mount Tasman's summit requires excellent technique, concentration and commitment.

Rarakiora - "Long Unbroken Line"

Mount Tasman sits alongside Mount Cook, on the Main Divide. Sculpted by the weather of the Southern Alps, Mount Tasman's summit is a beautiful and sinuous peak - an ice climber’s dream.

All guided routes are snow and ice, featuring steep faces and exposed airy ridges. Rarakiora translates from Maori into "long unbroken line".

Guided Routes | Mt Tasman

We guide at least 2 routes on Mount Tasman. Route choice depends on conditions, and your mountaineering experience.

Route 1: North Shoulder
Most commonly guided. Based from Pioneer Hut at the head of the Fox Glacier.

Route 2: Via Silberhorn
Early season only. Based from Plateau Hut, on the Grand Plateau.

Experience required:

  • High level of aerobic fitness
  • Previous high alpine climbing experience on moderate/technical terrain
  • Experience climbing with 2 tools on 50° to 55° snow and ice